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Jalen Holloway

Environmental Science
Humboldt State University
Hi there, I grew up in Southern California. I enjoy watching sports, which include soccer and basketball. Also, writing is a big hobby of mine. More specifically, I like to write both novels and poems in my spare time. When I went to college, I found my passion in both Environmental science and Botany, and I plan to get my Master's degree in Botany. Through this program, I want to learn more about undertaking a research project.
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Sex in an evening primrose: can hand pollination select for traits that make plants less attractive to hawkmoths? (2017)
Reproductive Biology

The video discusses O. organensis in regards to the impacts that ex-situ conservation could have on its morphology, phenology, and self-incompatibility. Also, it briefly discusses the main pollinator of O. organensis, and the overarching goals of this research for expanded knowledge on ex-situ conservation.

Final Presentation/Poster